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Whiter Image products are now available on AveYou.com.

Avenue You, where it is always all about you! is a one stop beauty shop.  Created by Lisa Esposito and her brother Brian to bring the finest hair, nail, skin, and body care products to all of their online and in-store shoppers.  Lisa and Brian were able to create this new concept stemming from their father, Anthony Esposito’s, guidance and skills.

Anthony Esposito was an originator in the beauty industry starting Esposito Beauty Supply, which then turned into Salon Professional Services.  Salon Professional Services is the parent company to Beauty Plus and Avenue You.  Salon Professional Services wholesale division calls on over 5,000 salons, spas and beauty boutiques throughout the state of New Jersey.

The salon division is head up by Rudy F. Falco who has extensive background in sales, consulting, and purchasing.   All of Avenue You product lines are extensively tested to make sure they stand up to all of their claims.  Avenue You’s entire concept is being all about you, the customers.

Avenue You’s in-depth customer service and product knowledge allows them to offer the best possible service in the beauty industry.  Their stores are equipped with extensive staff and high inventory levels to always be able to serve their customers.  Avenue You Online at www.aveyou.com, which was developed and created by Brian J. Esposito takes all the same core concepts, however does everything possible to get an online shopper’s order to their doorstep as quickly as possible.

Check out our video on Ave You:


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Atlanta, GA (October 26, 2009) – With the holidays right around the corner, Whiter Image, a leader in the $14 billion teeth whitening industry, is preparing for the expected increase in sales.  2009 has brought tremendous growth, and the company believes even more salons and spas will be stocking up for the holiday season.

In preparation for the holidays, a number of salons are looking for new and unique products to sell to clients for stocking stuffers.  Whiter Image products are the perfect additional profit center for both gift giving and personal use.  By adding teeth whitening products to a salon’s current selection, it gives the employees something new to discuss with customers.  It is the perfect conversation starter when a customer is coming in for her holiday hair color or tan.

You can learn more about Whiter Image by checking out the new video.

Why Teeth Whitening: Customers who frequent spas and salons are aesthetically driven customers looking for ways to improve their appearance.  Whiter Image recognizes this need and provides products that help them to achieve their goals.  The products our easy to cross-promote with existing product lines as well as future ones.  Whiter Image realizes that these needs exist, and the company is able to help make your product lines well-rounded by including teeth whitening products.

Teeth Whitening in the Beauty Industry: The rapidly growing beauty market is the prime place for teeth whitening products.  It is about finding new ways to drive sales with products such as Whiter Image that compliment current products and services.  Teeth whitening products often result in repeat sales from customers as well as opportunities for new sales with their friends and family.

Whiter Image Products: Whiter Image has been a leader in the teeth whitening industry for over two years.  With excellent name and product recognition, customers have seen the brand in magazines such as Shape and USWeekly, and they know it works.  Whiter Image carries three products: TOGO Pens, the Chic-Flic, and Premium Prefilled Trays for use with L.E.D. lights.  All three items provide customers with exceptional results quickly.  “At the end of the day, vanity has a continuity even in challenging times and the same person who is getting hair highlights or a French manicure is likely interested in white teeth. Why shouldn’t salons take that share of wallet as well versus letting the customer walk out the door and spend their teeth whitening dollars elsewhere?” says Brad Stevens, Founding Partner.

About Whiter Image

Whiter Image™ is proud to be a leader in the teeth whitening industry as a founding member of the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and an author of industry best practices as chosen by industry leaders.  Whiter Image recognizes the importance of offering advanced teeth whitening products comprised of innovation, ease of use, the highest quality ingredients, affordability, and unsurpassed customer support. www.whiterimage.com

Originally published on PRlog.com.

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Atlanta, GA (October 19, 2009) – Whiter Image, a leader in the $14 billion teeth whitening industry, has expanded its international presence to now include South Africa.  The initiative will expand its international relationships and will involve strong growth within several industry sectors including spas, salons, dentists, retail chain groups, and independent whitening facilities.

The products debuted at the Professional Beauty Show in Johannesburg in late September 2009.  “[The response] has been very positive…every salon we have approached has come on board.  To make it easier for the salons to start, we have introduced a rental program for the lights.  This has been very well received,” says Tony who is the Managing Director of the new division.

The expansion into South Africa is an exciting step for Whiter Image.  With strong success in the United States and Canada along with several other countries in Europe and South America, this is the first step for the company in Africa.  Brad Stevens, one of Whiter Image’s Founding Partners said “We are very pleased with the business intelligence and strategy outlined by our new relationships in South Africa. The team has a strong record of success in related industries, but most importantly they have shown an extremely proactive approach towards capturing market share with diversification in mind.”

“What I did not realize was how popular and important the whitening pens would prove to be. Everyone that we have shown them to and has used them absolutely loves them. It is a great way to get a foot in the door with the salons. Once they have taken the Pen Starter Pack and you start showing them the potential and how much money they can make in their teeth whitening business, they eventually end up purchasing the light, stock and all the other promotional material that they need,” said Tony.

The success in South Africa comes even during one of the country’s worst economic periods in a long time.  Like the United States, South Africa is in the midst of a recession.  Whiter Image’s approach in South Africa has been one of perseverance and optimism.

“The economy is very tough at the moment. Most salons have really struggled to keep their heads above water. It has been one of the toughest winters ever. With summer now approaching and consumer confidence improving we expect to do great business in the months to come. Also next year South Africa hosts the 2010 Soccer World Cup so the salons should coin it with all the tourists coming to be pampered during their stay,” says Tony.

Gift Pack 02“We have also taken a lot of creative steps to uniquely merchandise the products as well including the use of an innovative, clear display bag that doubles as a wine carrier.  The pens specifically have an additional benefit of instantly wiping off the crimson film to have your brightest night after a dinner with your favorite Merlot,” Tony commented.

Whiter Image is excited about the success in South Africa.  The opportunities are growing each day, and the company is looking for new ways to continue growth in the country.  Whiter Image will also be showing at the Professional Beauty Show in Cape Town in March 2010, Durban in April 2010, and Johannesburg in August 2010.

About Whiter Image

Whiter Image is proud to be a leader in the teeth whitening industry offering some of the most innovative, effective, and beautifully packaged solutions in the market. The company primarily distributes whitening systems and retail products to premium accounts in the spa, salon, tanning and beauty markets both domestic and internationally. Whiter Image is a founding member of the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and a co-author of industry best practices with a reputation for outstanding results, affordability, and unsurpassed customer support. www.whiterimage.com

You can go to the press release on PRLog here.

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A new tip to get your customers leaving with our Whitening ToGO Pens in hand:

It’s simple. Anyone who drinks red wine can relate to the crimson “red wine” smile – making their smile look unattractive.

The unique portable nature of our line of pens allows your clients to remove the stains instantly. Even if they already have white teeth, there is a reason to take home one of our pens.

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Ok so we all know the big ones – Red wine, coffee, soda and smoking. But here’s a list of the lesser known culprits that can leave your smile and your image unattractive.

Citrus fruits – Eating foods with high acid content can eat away at the enamel in your teeth. Tomato Sauce – yea, the one your mother has been making for years.

The newest kid on the block — sports drinks. That includes energy drinks and even fitness water! Along with the typical acids these energy bevs come packed with, they also include a little organic acid punch.

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