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Hello!  It’s Whiter Image’s social media girl.  It’s Friday, and let’s face it: none of us want to be sitting in our offices right now.  It is nice outside, and we want to go for long walks and sip wine on patios.

I’ve hijacked the blog this morning, because I have GOT to tell you about my new favorite winter product.

My skin has been acting all sorts of weird this fall.  Atlanta’s weather has been up one minute and way down the next.  Seriously, it was the same temperature here as in New York City a few days ago.  These rapid temperature changes have been screwing with my skin.  It has been so dry.

A few weeks ago I picked up Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I did not have high expectations.  Clinique doesn’t really do much for my skin, but I had heard the lotion was the best of the best.clq_68LE_250

I am SO glad I got it.  Almost immediately I noticed a difference.  My skin was more hydrated but not greasy.   It didn’t make my skin breakout nor did it feel heavy.

For $24.00, it is a great buy.  I suspect this will last me through the entire fall, winter, and early spring.

Go grab one today!

Also, don’t forget for the whole month of October, we’re donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Use code IMAGE1 to get 15% off, and we’ll give 10% to BCRF.

Have a great weekend!


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