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Whiter Image, a leader in the $14 billion teeth whitening industry, is once again in the hands of the stars.  With growing international media coverage in such magazines as New Beauty, US Weekly, SELF, and NAILS among others, it is no surprise Hollywood has discovered the products.

The Whiter Image Chic-Flic TOGO Whitening & Lip Shine Plumper Pen was distributed to some of the biggest stars at the Albuquerque Film Festival as well as the casts of Breaking Bad and Crash.  The Chic-Flic TOGO Whitening & Lip Shine Plumper Pen has proprietary teeth whitener on one side and lip plumper on the other.  The casing is adorned with LED lights and mirrors for easy on-the-go use.

“Albuquerque is the place to film these days. Both Breaking Bad and In Plain Sight are set in and filmed here, while Crash the series is set in L.A., but filmed here. Whiter image was in the VIP Gift bags for the First Annual Albuquerque Film Festival where Bryan Cranston presented Dennis Hopper with a Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Andre West-Harrision, Promotional Partner.

The Albuquerque Film Festival is held by the non-profit organization Film For Change, a group that dedicates itself to the promotion, presentation, and production of socially relevant media.  The Festival not only celebrates film but all of the arts including dancing and painting amongst others.  Some of this year’s attendees were Dennis Hopper, Bryan Cranston, and Giancarlo Esposito among others.

Breaking Bad is one of AMC’s leading shows.  Breaking Bad and the cast are the winners of 8 Emmys, 1 Satellite Award, 3 Writers Guild Awards, 3 Television Critic Association Awards, and many others.  This stellar drama is about a high school chemistry teacher who suffers from a “mid-life crisis” and becomes a criminal.  Filmed in New Mexico, Breaking Bad has become an instant classic.

Featured on the Starz Network, Crash picks up where the 2004 movie left off.  The show tells the story of racial tensions in Los Angeles, but it is filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The cast includes Dennis Hopper, Moran Atias, and Ross McCale among other big names.

You can learn more about Whiter Image by checking out the new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjbmsFxpl-4

Why Teeth Whitening:  Customers who frequent spas and salons are aesthetically driven customers looking for ways to improve their appearance.  Whiter Image recognizes this need and provides products that help them to achieve their goals.  The products our easy to cross-promote with existing product lines as well as future ones.  Whiter Image realizes that these needs exist, and the company is able to help make your product lines well-rounded by including teeth whitening products.

Teeth Whitening in the Beauty Industry:  The rapidly growing beauty market is the prime place for teeth whitening products.  It is about finding new ways to drive sales with products such as Whiter Image that compliment current products and services.  Teeth whitening products often result in repeat sales from customers as well as opportunities for new sales with their friends and family.

Whiter Image Products:  Whiter Image has been a leader in the teeth whitening industry for over two years.  With excellent name and product recognition, customers have seen the brand in magazines such as Shape and USWeekly, and they know it works.  Whiter Image carries three products: TOGO Pens, the Chic-Flic, and Premium Prefilled Trays for use with L.E.D. lights.  All three items provide customers with exceptional results quickly.  “At the end of the day, vanity has a continuity even in challenging times and the same person who is getting hair highlights or a French manicure is likely interested in white teeth. Why shouldn’t salons take that share of wallet as well versus letting the customer walk out the door and spend their teeth whitening dollars elsewhere?” says Brad Stevens, Founding Partner.

About Whiter Image
Whiter Image™ is proud to be a leader in the teeth whitening industry as a founding member of the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and an author of industry best practices as chosen by industry leaders.  Whiter Image recognizes the importance of offering advanced teeth whitening products comprised of innovation, ease of use, the highest quality ingredients, affordability, and unsurpassed customer support. http://www.whiterimage.com.


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