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We love Black Friday and think you deserve the best deal we’ve ever offered.  Good through Monday 11/30


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Who really wants to get up at 2:00 AM and hit the lines outside of your favorite store?  Isn’t it so much better when you can do that all from the comfort of your couch in pajamas at 2:00 PM?

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, Whiter Image is running a huge sale from today until Monday November 30th.

Use code IMAGE5 at our website for 25% off and FREE SHIPPING.

Happy shopping!

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Atlanta, GA (November 16, 2009)Whiter Image, a leader in the $14 billion teeth whitening industry, had the pleasure of teaming up with Universal Companies recently to present a webinar entitled New Profit Centers for Your Salon and Spa.

Universal Companies is the leading single-source supplier to the spa industry.  The company has created many relationships with hundreds of manufacturers to bring unique quality products to its customers.  In an effort to bring even more to spas and salons, Universal Companies launched Advance with Education, a continuing education site dedicated to help those in the industry.  The education opportunities focus on topics from skin care to product knowledge.

“In this tight economy, it is vital for spas and salons to search out new products for their menu that will be value-creating profit centers,” said Susan Tipton, Education Manager at Universal Companies. “Teeth Whitening is a perfect example of a profit center that is complementary to existing products and services in the spa, is very attractive to clients, and has the potential for repeat business. Teeth whitening can be introduced with minimal expense and training, and [it is] a significant addition to a spa’s revenue. Universal asked Whiter Image to develop a webinar that had a dual educational purpose – to provide an overview of their innovative teeth whitening products and to share with clients key points to look for when adding new profit centers in their spa, and how to market new products or services to existing clients, as well as potential clients,”

The webinar touches on important points regarding product growth and profit maximization in the salon.  There is an added value with expansion into new products.  Whiter Image has spent considerable time educating its clients on the importance of adding profitable items into the mix.  Christina Morrin, a senior account manager with Whiter Image, conducted the webinar.  Her knowledge of products, customer expectations, and the industry made her an excellent person to give the presentation.

Whiter Image is proud to be associated with such a strong and well respected company in the spa industry.  The webinar is available to the public at http://www.advancewitheducation.com/Library.aspx in the Webinars by Brand category.  It is listed as Whiter Image.

You can learn more about Whiter Image by checking out the new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjbmsFxpl-4

Why Teeth Whitening: Customers who frequent spas and salons are aesthetically driven customers looking for ways to improve their appearance.  Whiter Image recognizes this need and provides products that help them to achieve their goals.  The products our easy to cross-promote with existing product lines as well as future ones.  Whiter Image realizes that these needs exist, and the company is able to help make your product lines well-rounded by including teeth whitening products.

Teeth Whitening in the Beauty Industry: The rapidly growing beauty market is the prime place for teeth whitening products.  It is about finding new ways to drive sales with products such as Whiter Image that compliment current products and services.  Teeth whitening products often result in repeat sales from customers as well as opportunities for new sales with their friends and family.

Whiter Image Products: Whiter Image has been a leader in the teeth whitening industry for over two years.  With excellent name and product recognition, customers have seen the brand in magazines such as Shape and USWeekly, and they know it works.  Whiter Image carries three products: TOGO Pens, the Chic-Flic, and Premium Prefilled Trays for use with L.E.D. lights.  All three items provide customers with exceptional results quickly.  “At the end of the day, vanity has a continuity even in challenging times and the same person who is getting hair highlights or a French manicure is likely interested in white teeth. Why shouldn’t salons take that share of wallet as well versus letting the customer walk out the door and spend their teeth whitening dollars elsewhere?” says Brad Stevens, Founding Partner.

About Whiter Image

Whiter Image™ is proud to be a leader in the teeth whitening industry as a founding member of the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and an author of industry best practices as chosen by industry leaders.  Whiter Image recognizes the importance of offering advanced teeth whitening products comprised of innovation, ease of use, the highest quality ingredients, affordability, and unsurpassed customer support. www.whiterimage.com

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Whiter Image has been featured on Peachy Deegan’s Whom You Know.  Her site reviews some of the best things in Manhattan, and we were excited to be featured!

You can check out the review here, and as always, you can buy our products on our website!

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We’ve been hard at work updating our media.  We know how important it is to communicate to customers in an easy-to-understand way.

That is why we reworked our brainshark presentation.

Check it out!

Hope you enjoy it and as always please let us know if you have any feedback.

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MEN are spending thousands of dollars to look like a million bucks. In Australia, men buy 10 times more grooming products than 20 years ago.


Market research organisation IBISWorld has predicted Australian men will spend $48.4 million on cosmetics during the 2009/10 financial year compared to $5 million in 1999/2000. They are also expected to spend $1.04 billion on having their hair done and day spa treatments.

In the early 1990s, 12 per cent of the hairdressing and beauty industry’s clientele were men, but now they make up 33 per cent, with that figure expected to increase to 38 per cent by 2014/15.

IBISWorld general manager Robert Bryant said increasing numbers of women in the workplace had encouraged many men to smarten up their appearance.

“In a male-dominated environment, there is little pressure for men to dress up to impress their colleagues, however as the number of women in the workplace increases, so too does the focus on fashion and overall presentation,” he said. Metrosexual celebrities like soccer star David Beckham, who has worn nail polish and a variety of hairstyles such as braids, have also had an influence, he said.

Elysian Hair and Day Spa owner Jack Paitaridis yesterday said men made up about 40 per cent of his Torrensville salon’s clientele and many favoured treatments such as facials and hot stone massages.

“Men want to look good and have an understanding of the benefits they get from the treatments in terms of their appearance and well being,” he said.

Elysian client Billy Neely, 30, said he spent between $100 and $150 on grooming per month because being well presented was essential for his work as a fitness coach at EFM Health Clubs Wayville.

“I have been having facials and massages every six to eight weeks for about a year,” he said. “It’s more socially acceptable now for men because we want to look after ourselves for the long term.”

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