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Revolutionary Products That Really, Really Work From Nectar of the Gods, Gilden Tree and Whiter Image!

Whiter Image: toGo Whitening Pen

For years, I used a drugstore teeth whitening product. It worked for awhile and then it didn’t.

Ack. What an awful thing to discover.

So I went in search for something that would give me great results quickly.

And that’s when I found Whiter Image: toGo Whitening Pen.


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10 lucky 101 Hairstyle readers can take a shot at winning a Whiter Image Chic-Flic toGO Whitening Pen and Lip Plumper. Just send your name, address and phone number to:

Smile with Style
c/o 101 Hairstyle Magazine
106 Apple St
Suite 301
Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

Entries must be received by 10.15.09

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There is no denying it — the number one asset to make your image shine is your smile. It can be the decision maker, or breaker when it comes to both your social and professional life.

It builds confidence, generates success and makes you feel more comfortable and satisfied with how you look.

Take the dating scene – with whiter teeth, you’ll look better and feel more confident, and trust us, it shows.

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Five ways to ensure customers will make you grease the door.

Create a profile – Search engines like Google and Yahoo make it easy for businesses big and small to gain exposure via the web. The days of ripping a page out of the phone book are over.

Social Networking – If you don’t feel strongly about using this avenue to get your product or spa exposure – think again. By making your spa and the product you sell accessible to people – more and more will convert to a paying customer who walks through your door.

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What is the difference between bleaching and whitening your teeth?

Is there? Or are the two terms used loosely together to mean the same thing?

Well according to the FDA the term “bleaching” is only used when the teeth are being whitened beyond their natural color. “Whitening” on the other hand is used when refering to restoring a tooth’s surface color – removing dirt and debris.

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Driving sales in the beauty industry can be tough – but here at Whiter Image, we provide a product that creates solid revenue without even adding customer base.

No matter which of the 250,000+ salons you represent – the vanity customer walking through the door is the same that walks through any other.

That same customer coming in to get their hair or nails done. That same customer looking for a facial or pedicure are the same customers who rely on our product for their teeth and more importantly – their image.

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Whitening your smile while on the go! It’s easy affordable and the industry chosen standard for maintaining your image anywhere; anytime.

Try our Chic-Flic ToGO Whitening Pen. This dual sided 2-in-1 whitening and lip plumping pen is the easiest way to make sure you stand out with every smile.

Product casing with the look of Hollywood bling to turn the eye’s of every passerby. You’ll love the way you look and feel all while on the go. Even at night – the Chic-Flic pen is equipped with an LED light and a mirror to assist with application no matter what time of day.

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