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We all want whiter teeth, but sometimes time is of the essence and popping in the whitening trays just isn’t a viable option. Sometimes a little convenience isn’t too much to ask especially in a world where multi-tasking is everything. So my teeth whitening friends, Whiter Image has a whitening pen that is meant to take with you on the go, to whiten up anytime, anywhere without anyone knowing.

The TOGO Whitening Pen comes in a small aluminum case with an applicator that is similar to a Stila lip gloss. You twist the bottom of the case and a clear gel emerges through the brush-on applicator. Upon first use you will have to twist the applicator a good 25+ times as it pushes the gel to the top of the pen. Future uses only need 1-2 twists. Although the description says it has a mint flavor, I didn’t find that mine did. It tasted like the typical tooth whitener usually does.


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